Abandoned Tannery in B/W

These photos were taken in an abandoned tannery. They were all lit soley with a flashlight, except the outdoor images, obviously. I believe the film I used was T-Max ISO 400.
Last updated 2005-09-21 18:44:34.
A large tank and some muddy ground.
These look like they were stables, but would live animals have ever been here?
Ducts and flourescent light fixtures.
More duct work.
The paint chips hang like stalagtites from the ceiling.
A smashed tumbler.
An intact tumbler.
Lonely chair in some rubble.
The equipment on the right was used to dry leather, I believe.
A wash basin in the locker room.
Boiler looking types of things.
An attempt to light a spiral down some sort of leather drying contraption.  Pretty corny.
A rack containing some sort of shoe mold or forms.
The city by night.
The water tower overlooking the city.  Notice the people resting on the catwalk.
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